It’s times like this when I think it’d be better to be Chuck Norris.  I’m sure there’s a great joke along the lines of “Chuck Norris didn’t need braces.  He pinched his teeth to the right spot and scared them into staying there.”

Well, not everybody is as lucky as Chuck Norris.  I obtained my braces a year or two ago, and just recently (like, last week) got them off.  I probably shouldn’t be complaining since a lot of people have to wear them for even longer.  Anyway, what’s the first thing you think when you hear “I’m going to get my braces off!”?  To some people, it might be, “Oh!  They’ll look so nice to have them off!”  To others, they might think, “Freedom!”  And both of those things are true.

Until about a week later when you obtain:  The Retainer.

So I didn’t think it was that big of a deal at first.  I mean, c’mon, it’s just a little metal.  But when I had to put it on today, (for the first time) I found that to be false.  It’s not just a little metal.  It’s a hunk of plastic in your mouth.  Quite honestly, having braces was more comfortable than this thing.  It’s extremely difficult to talk, and quite the distraction.  Not only does it make it difficult to communicate, but nearly impossible to sing, and I love singing.  Well, I haven’t actually tried singing with it yet, but considering how hard it is to speak…  I’m supposed to ‘wear it 24/7′ for three months.  Afterwards, I only have to wear it at night. I just…  Don’t know if I can pull that off.

But to think: we have phones that can talk to us, rovers on mars, a search engine that can connect us to anything in the world…  And people are wearing metal on their teeth.  Can’t we come up with something else?  Like that invisalign stuff?

Anyway, Retainers mean well.  Everything is terrible about them except for their purpose.

So this isn’t a new subject, but I believe most people have heard of the new thing with technology and school, right?  Well, that’s all great and fine until you have all the techno issues.

Here’s the thing:  All of the 6th graders in my school got a Nook.  Later on this year, all of the 7th graders will get one.  My fellow 8th graders and I will get them next year in highschool.  (I wish that wasn’t the case, but oh well.)  I’m fine with all of the 6th and 7th graders getting them…  But it can make things a little harder on the 8th graders…  And I’m pretty sure some of the teachers might be getting fed up with it, too.

Alright, I’ll try to ‘splain this to the best of my tech-no-how.  (haha, see what I did there?  …  Sorry, couldn’t help it.  Please resume.)  It seems to be that the entire school is in the same network.  Therefore, it can get pretty crowded.  For example, the entire 6th grade might get on their Nooks for something.  That would take up a lot of room in our network.  This makes things harder for all the 7th and 8th graders who need the network for our school purposes.  I do realize the 6th graders probably have a good (school) reason to be on their devices.  However, others may not.  This inconveniences all of the other grades.

I’ll also go ahead and mention something that will come into play later in this post:  E-Learning Day.  It kinda speaks for itself, but it is a day that occurs on the weekend.  During this day, we are given an assignment from our teachers to do.  To me, I can see why it might come in handy…  But I see it almost as a little bit of a hassle.  If they really need to get more days, just tack ‘em on at the end of the school year!  I mean, after all, they (speaking about the school board) did kinda decide to make our summer longer!  (By the way, I did enjoy that.)  They claimed that this would bring in more tourists, therefore bringing in more tourist money.  Sadly, I feel that was a rather useless notion because of how people would be getting ready for school. Not going on vacations!

Back on Subject.

I actually had an incident today that involved the overcrowded network.  Well, it wasn’t really my incident, I guess.  So today in 6th period, my teacher had the computer cart.  We were supposed to use the computers to check and make sure we had a ‘Glogster’ and ‘Edmodo’  account (Websites that we sometimes use for projects, information, questions or teachers, etc.)  so that we could check our assignments for E-Learning day.  Aside from the network problems, there is also an issue with making the computers work at all.  However, even if we did manage to get a computer, the websites were usually down.  According to my teacher, it was because of the 6th graders on their Nooks.  However, it was probably just a website problem, as the Edmodo site said that it was simply ‘unavailable’.  So technically, it isn’t all the 6th graders fault.

Bottom line, I guess you could just say that I don’t really agree with having these E-learning days.  I feel like some people aren’t going to be able to participate because some people might not have computers.  The school board did think of this, though, because they will give us a few weeks to finish the assignments as well as the ability to use the library computers.  I still don’t think that will accommodate everyone.  It might make things a little easier, but it makes things a little more complicated, too.  I hope they find a way to fix this.

Technology isn’t always s reliable as we make it out to be.

I opened an email from my father with the subject ‘I’m so sorry!’.  When I pulled up the link that went with it, I read that one of the shows that I really liked- Terra Nova- was cancelled!  I couldn’t believe it!  They let things like ’2 1/2 Men’,  (I’m not a fan of the show, sorry) ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ (Seriously!?  With a name like that?! How rude!)  and all of the other stuff continue, while the other stuff that is new and interesting go down in flames! (Although I can honestly say that I have never seen ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ and I’ve only seen a little of ’2 1/2 Men’.)  I just feel like they’re leaving all of the stuff that is promoting things like teenage pregnancy and putting money first in life!  (Just examples- doesn’t apply to just Fox.)

When I look around, I see more divorces, debt, people ‘falling of the deep end’ and things like that!  It’s not directly TVs fault or anything, I think a bunch of the media is contributing to this modern culture.  I can’t say that I have seen everything about these situations, but what I have seen has lead me to that.  I just can’t believe that all of the media and shows have done this.  (And not just them, by the way.)

And then you get the people who say, “Oh, finally!  That show was so unrealistic and stupid!”  I did read something that someone pointed out saying, “But isn’t the point of TV to kinda get away from the reality?”  and they have a point.  Not all shows are going to make sense.  And some people don’t always get that.  It’s like with me and some of the shows on Cartoon Network (My brother currently watches those shows.)  Part of it is that I’m a little out of the targeted age and I’m a girl, (not saying that girls who watch Cartoon Network are uncool- you guys are awesome!) so I don’t really understand the parts of some of those shows.  But at the same time, it doesn’t have to be really good, have high graphics or anything like that for me to like it.  It just has to be something entertaining.

*Clears throat

Okay.  My little speech is over.

Hello!  Long time no see!  No, seriously…

Anywho!  I have here some poetry that I wrote.

#1:  Live Bait

Live Bait

Doing something stupid
Is just the human way.
Doing something ridiculous
Is what we do all day.
We can’t help it;
We aren’t perfect.
But we can’t help and say,
Something stupid and dumb
That could hurt you and others.
Never say things to other people
That we wouldn’t say to our mothers.
Trying to keep ourselves straight
Is a lost cause for some,
Using other people
As fake Live Bait.

Now the story behind that one is kinda simple:

All people make mistakes.  Some people are dishonest, while others are just plain wrong.  But it’s normal; we’re human. (Well, You are)  Some people even use other people to gain things that they want or they are bad influences on them.  It depends on how you think of it, so it’s your decision of what I mean by ‘fake Live Bait’

#2  Love is That Word (Report Version)

Love is That Word

Love is that song
That you hear all the time
In your heart with a
Happy, simple rhyme.

Love is that awkward feeling
When you look up to see their face
And no matter where you go,
You see them place to place.

Love is that rose
Sitting on your shelf.
Giving off that beautiful,
Lovely scent all by itself.

Love is that link
So many of us want.
But the people who try and
Find it,
Are better than those
Who are nonchalant.

Love is that thing on TV
That small kids across the nation
look off and say, “Eww!”
Without the slightest hesitation!

The explanation for this one is a little different:

I made this one for a school assignment (Report Version).  This basically is a few little examples about what love is.  Of course, it doesn’t go with everyone, but that is what the report requested of me.

#3  Love is That Word (Not adapted version)


Such a simple word.
To show the way you feel
By making you need to stand up,
And sing to that very one
Who makes you feel so bright
Like the yellow sun.
A heart pounding word.
That completes an awkward moment
When you look up.
When you first see their face.
No matter where you go from there,
You see them place to place.
The most beautiful word of all.
One we hear quite often.
For odd little reasons,
We never seem to think
Of the word that can truly
Make our lives complete.

This is the last poem for now.  This is the original version of Love is That Word (RV).  This one is another thing sorta like the other one.  It basically is about love and where it can come in and what some people think of or feel.  This one may not be exactly as accurate, either.  Both 2 and 3 are harder to explain.

So!  There you go!  A post!  I know!  Exciting time, isn’t it!?  Woohoo!  Yay!  Be happy!  Well!  That’s about all I’ll post today…  I might post again tomorrow…  We’ll see if I can fit it in with my extremely busy schedule of…  Well- let’s admit it- sleep.

Thanks for lending me your ear!

Sassy T. Cat

We have now 5 baby fishies in our fishy-tank.  Yum!  I loves me a good fishy!  But…  I have no intentions of eating them, however…  Also…  They are just so darn cute!  Have you ever seen a baby fishy?  Are mini versions of the big ones!  How cute is that?????

We also have some new baby gerbils!!!  They now have their fur and everything!  The only thing that they don’t have is their eyes open and their ears open!!!!  Oh my gosh!!!!!!  They are even cuter than my  meals fishies.  Sorry…  Got a little carried away there…

The other day my mom told me to look on her computer.  She said, “Barbie and Ken broke up…”  “Oh my gosh!!!  That is CRAZY!  Haven’t they been together for ,like, 20 years???”  “Well, actually, 43.” I have almost  absolutely no Idea why they broke up…  All I know is, my Barbie hasn’t said anything about it.  Apparently, Barbie persuaded Ken to get a Facebook thing…  They are both on facebook now.  Isn’t that Bizarre???  I will keep you as updated as possible from my mom and from my Barbie.

Sassy T. Cat

P.s.  I feel like a news reporter!

Okay… So you have all heard about the new “The Last Airbender” and the “Karate Kid” movies right? So first of all with the last airbender, it was really in 2d with Nickelodeon. Now, I am thinking what did they do to that movie? The actors from the commercials looked like they were picked up at a diner. I mean, it was supposed to start in a snow place. In the commercial, they were in dirt and plants. Strike one. Also, Katara doesn’t even look like her. Were are the “hair loopies” people??? (She has loops in her hair.) strike two. Next, Zuko is supposed to have a scar on his face on his left eye. Nope, not there. Strike three. Also, I heard from some things online that the effects were ,like, terrible. Strike four. Strike five; Aang doesn’t have the right outfit. Like, what are those people thinking? Did they even research? There are much more problems like how only 57% liked the movie.  Now then Why did they have to make another Karate Kid???  I mean, they made instead of “wipe on wipe off” “coat on coat off”  With a coat (jacket) RIDICULES!  Hollywood makes a lot of good things but when it comes to remaking, that just is not right!!!

From, Sassy T. Cat

P.s.  I think i would be a tough critic!

P.s.s. Sorry for this negative post!

Okay, so here is the scene; I am spending the night with my Nana (grandmother; mom’s mom) We go to the pool and walk in. We walk to the check-in table. Behind the counter, there is a boy teen who looks weird, and as soon as I saw him and heard his voice say ‘hello’ I knew he was a smart alec. So he says to my Nana that there is a password and a pass that you have to use. He keeps blabering on about “I cannot help you” and “I might lose my job.” “Here are some numbers you can call and ask about it.” My Nana turned to us and said, “Sorry guys, he won’t let us in.”
I didn’t care about his job. He was being a (excuse my language) JERK! There was other stuff they said, but I was talking to my brother. As soon as we got into the car, I said the word up there. My Nana actually agreed with me. My brother was soo sad he could not swim. I really wanted to say some things to that guy. He had long eyelashes. That’s all I could see because I didn’t even want to make eye contact with him. >:( Sorry about this mean post.

An odd feeling
Lying there on the ground upon the rug was Tonge and Zaush! “NO!” I cried. Since they were the only people who were basically my only friends. I lunged at the swordsman who was holding a sword pointed right at Tonge’s throat. I hit him perfectly along the side. He dropped the sword. All of the sudden I felt a very weird feeling. I blacked out.

When I awoke, everyone was back. I asked Tonge if he remembered having the sword to his throat. “No, silly girl. That did not happen. How do you know my name?”

“Well, its.. Never mind,” I said and ran off.

Could it Be that it never happened? That my life started back again. I found myself wandering to the gate. I felt a pain coming from my right arm. There was a small pale scar. A sword scar! Yesterday when I lunged, the swordsman must have stabbed me with his sword then I blacked out. My life must have started over. Was it a dream? I gazed out at the hills. I saw a settler and a spear- man coming out of the left side of the forest. They were jumping down the hill and running toward us. “Warriors!” I shouted. This is just like yesterday. I moved out of the way and ran to one of the poles supporting the castle. I watched them. After that I did the same thing as yesterday. This time I convinced for them not to go to any other war and to stay here and guard the territory and such. Tonge came to me and said, “Why don’t we go to our other city’s market place? Go and ask your mother for permission.” For some reason, I knew where my mother was. “May I go to the other market place with Tonge?” I asked. My mom hesitated. Why? Was there something wrong with Tonge? “Alright… You may go.” She finally replied. A few minutes later, Tonge and I left.

The Commotion
Later on that day, I heard that the warriors were leaving to fight. They were taking all of the women with them too. For some reason they told me to stay with a swordsman and a warrior. I pondered the thought of what they would be doing. I walked to the last bed. There was a cluster of very familiar people. Who were they? Why did I feel as if I should know who they are? All these questions are swirling around in my mind. So much pressure… What do I do?…

When they left, I wandered inside to see what was happening. I found the two men. The warrior told me his name was Zaush. The swordsman told me his name was Tonge. Tonge was an old man with a thick beard. Zaush was a man who looked pretty young. I looked out one of the windows and I gasped in horror!

Two strong warriors were prying open the gate. Another question came. Why is there always two? I screamed, “Warriors! Warriors are prying our gate open!” I don’t know why, but they could not fight them. I wondered if it was because they could not get to their weapons, even though they were supposed to keep their weapons with them. I didn’t think this is what it was, but still…

The warriors broke in! Tonge ordered us to hide. His gentle nature vanished. I did as I was told. I hid in the ginormous dining room under the long table. The warriors ripped through the dining room door. Oh how I wished the other warriors were here! One of them said, “It can’t be! Are none of them here?”
As soon as they left, I ran to find a new hiding spot. I hid in a bathroom. Not the best place to hide but it had a lock. Then it hit me. They could take over our empire by seizing this territory! I ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs only to be horrified…

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