May, 2010

An odd feeling
Lying there on the ground upon the rug was Tonge and Zaush! “NO!” I cried. Since they were the only people who were basically my only friends. I lunged at the swordsman who was holding a sword pointed right at Tonge’s throat. I hit him perfectly along the side. He dropped the sword. All of the sudden I felt a very weird feeling. I blacked out.

When I awoke, everyone was back. I asked Tonge if he remembered having the sword to his throat. “No, silly girl. That did not happen. How do you know my name?”

“Well, its.. Never mind,” I said and ran off.

Could it Be that it never happened? That my life started back again. I found myself wandering to the gate. I felt a pain coming from my right arm. There was a small pale scar. A sword scar! Yesterday when I lunged, the swordsman must have stabbed me with his sword then I blacked out. My life must have started over. Was it a dream? I gazed out at the hills. I saw a settler and a spear- man coming out of the left side of the forest. They were jumping down the hill and running toward us. “Warriors!” I shouted. This is just like yesterday. I moved out of the way and ran to one of the poles supporting the castle. I watched them. After that I did the same thing as yesterday. This time I convinced for them not to go to any other war and to stay here and guard the territory and such. Tonge came to me and said, “Why don’t we go to our other city’s market place? Go and ask your mother for permission.” For some reason, I knew where my mother was. “May I go to the other market place with Tonge?” I asked. My mom hesitated. Why? Was there something wrong with Tonge? “Alright… You may go.” She finally replied. A few minutes later, Tonge and I left.

The Commotion
Later on that day, I heard that the warriors were leaving to fight. They were taking all of the women with them too. For some reason they told me to stay with a swordsman and a warrior. I pondered the thought of what they would be doing. I walked to the last bed. There was a cluster of very familiar people. Who were they? Why did I feel as if I should know who they are? All these questions are swirling around in my mind. So much pressure… What do I do?…

When they left, I wandered inside to see what was happening. I found the two men. The warrior told me his name was Zaush. The swordsman told me his name was Tonge. Tonge was an old man with a thick beard. Zaush was a man who looked pretty young. I looked out one of the windows and I gasped in horror!

Two strong warriors were prying open the gate. Another question came. Why is there always two? I screamed, “Warriors! Warriors are prying our gate open!” I don’t know why, but they could not fight them. I wondered if it was because they could not get to their weapons, even though they were supposed to keep their weapons with them. I didn’t think this is what it was, but still…

The warriors broke in! Tonge ordered us to hide. His gentle nature vanished. I did as I was told. I hid in the ginormous dining room under the long table. The warriors ripped through the dining room door. Oh how I wished the other warriors were here! One of them said, “It can’t be! Are none of them here?”
As soon as they left, I ran to find a new hiding spot. I hid in a bathroom. Not the best place to hide but it had a lock. Then it hit me. They could take over our empire by seizing this territory! I ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs only to be horrified…

About the post below.

Well, I’ve been playing this civilization game, and well, last night I had this dream. Everyday I will put a new chapter. I tweaked it a little and will let you know when the dream ended. (I’m going to add on to my dream) Well, that’s it! BTW School’s out!!! :) )))))

A Weird start

It started when I looked over a fence. I felt like I was here all my life. How come I could not remember anything before this? I looked and saw three hills. There was a forest all around the back of our square territory. On the far edge of the hills there was a forest. All of the sudden I saw two people coming through the left side of the forest and they were jumping down the hills. There was a spear-man with a settler. I yelled, “Warriors!” I looked behind me. Suddenly there was what looked like a swarm behind me.

I ran out of the way not wanting to be trampled. I watched from what was a castle. Now to think of it, it seemed to be off the ground and supported by stone poles.

As I watched I could see the swarm of warriors. I could not see the settler or the spear-man. When this was done I saw the warriors simply turn around and leave the spot.

I looked to my left from the pole where I was standing. I could see beds lined up along the wall. Who do these beds belong to? I walk over two the second to last bed. For some reason I knew it was my bed. I sat on it and looked again to my left. I could see someone sitting on their bed, too. The boy looked very familiar. Was this someone from somewhere else? I was confused with all of this. Why does my memory start with seeing the two other people? This was only a few minutes ago.

I looked to my right and saw a lot of beds over to that side. No one was on there bed at all over there. This was the beginning to a very unusual story…