Hollywood Shmollywood


Okay… So you have all heard about the new “The Last Airbender” and the “Karate Kid” movies right? So first of all with the last airbender, it was really in 2d with Nickelodeon. Now, I am thinking what did they do to that movie? The actors from the commercials looked like they were picked up at a diner. I mean, it was supposed to start in a snow place. In the commercial, they were in dirt and plants. Strike one. Also, Katara doesn’t even look like her. Were are the “hair loopies” people??? (She has loops in her hair.) strike two. Next, Zuko is supposed to have a scar on his face on his left eye. Nope, not there. Strike three. Also, I heard from some things online that the effects were ,like, terrible. Strike four. Strike five; Aang doesn’t have the right outfit. Like, what are those people thinking? Did they even research? There are much more problems like how only 57% liked the movie.  Now then Why did they have to make another Karate Kid???  I mean, they made instead of “wipe on wipe off” “coat on coat off”  With a coat (jacket) RIDICULES!  Hollywood makes a lot of good things but when it comes to remaking, that just is not right!!!

From, Sassy T. Cat

P.s.  I think i would be a tough critic!

P.s.s. Sorry for this negative post!


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