Me, My Poetry, and I


Hello!  Long time no see!  No, seriously…

Anywho!  I have here some poetry that I wrote.

#1:  Live Bait

Live Bait

Doing something stupid
Is just the human way.
Doing something ridiculous
Is what we do all day.
We can’t help it;
We aren’t perfect.
But we can’t help and say,
Something stupid and dumb
That could hurt you and others.
Never say things to other people
That we wouldn’t say to our mothers.
Trying to keep ourselves straight
Is a lost cause for some,
Using other people
As fake Live Bait.

Now the story behind that one is kinda simple:

All people make mistakes.  Some people are dishonest, while others are just plain wrong.  But it’s normal; we’re human. (Well, You are)  Some people even use other people to gain things that they want or they are bad influences on them.  It depends on how you think of it, so it’s your decision of what I mean by ‘fake Live Bait’

#2  Love is That Word (Report Version)

Love is That Word

Love is that song
That you hear all the time
In your heart with a
Happy, simple rhyme.

Love is that awkward feeling
When you look up to see their face
And no matter where you go,
You see them place to place.

Love is that rose
Sitting on your shelf.
Giving off that beautiful,
Lovely scent all by itself.

Love is that link
So many of us want.
But the people who try and
Find it,
Are better than those
Who are nonchalant.

Love is that thing on TV
That small kids across the nation
look off and say, “Eww!”
Without the slightest hesitation!

The explanation for this one is a little different:

I made this one for a school assignment (Report Version).  This basically is a few little examples about what love is.  Of course, it doesn’t go with everyone, but that is what the report requested of me.

#3  Love is That Word (Not adapted version)


Such a simple word.
To show the way you feel
By making you need to stand up,
And sing to that very one
Who makes you feel so bright
Like the yellow sun.
A heart pounding word.
That completes an awkward moment
When you look up.
When you first see their face.
No matter where you go from there,
You see them place to place.
The most beautiful word of all.
One we hear quite often.
For odd little reasons,
We never seem to think
Of the word that can truly
Make our lives complete.

This is the last poem for now.  This is the original version of Love is That Word (RV).  This one is another thing sorta like the other one.  It basically is about love and where it can come in and what some people think of or feel.  This one may not be exactly as accurate, either.  Both 2 and 3 are harder to explain.

So!  There you go!  A post!  I know!  Exciting time, isn’t it!?  Woohoo!  Yay!  Be happy!  Well!  That’s about all I’ll post today…  I might post again tomorrow…  We’ll see if I can fit it in with my extremely busy schedule of…  Well- let’s admit it- sleep.

Thanks for lending me your ear!

Sassy T. Cat


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