tech·nol·o·gy~ ‘a technological process, invention, method, or the like’


So this isn’t a new subject, but I believe most people have heard of the new thing with technology and school, right?  Well, that’s all great and fine until you have all the techno issues.

Here’s the thing:  All of the 6th graders in my school got a Nook.  Later on this year, all of the 7th graders will get one.  My fellow 8th graders and I will get them next year in highschool.  (I wish that wasn’t the case, but oh well.)  I’m fine with all of the 6th and 7th graders getting them…  But it can make things a little harder on the 8th graders…  And I’m pretty sure some of the teachers might be getting fed up with it, too.

Alright, I’ll try to ‘splain this to the best of my tech-no-how.  (haha, see what I did there?  …  Sorry, couldn’t help it.  Please resume.)  It seems to be that the entire school is in the same network.  Therefore, it can get pretty crowded.  For example, the entire 6th grade might get on their Nooks for something.  That would take up a lot of room in our network.  This makes things harder for all the 7th and 8th graders who need the network for our school purposes.  I do realize the 6th graders probably have a good (school) reason to be on their devices.  However, others may not.  This inconveniences all of the other grades.

I’ll also go ahead and mention something that will come into play later in this post:  E-Learning Day.  It kinda speaks for itself, but it is a day that occurs on the weekend.  During this day, we are given an assignment from our teachers to do.  To me, I can see why it might come in handy…  But I see it almost as a little bit of a hassle.  If they really need to get more days, just tack ‘em on at the end of the school year!  I mean, after all, they (speaking about the school board) did kinda decide to make our summer longer!  (By the way, I did enjoy that.)  They claimed that this would bring in more tourists, therefore bringing in more tourist money.  Sadly, I feel that was a rather useless notion because of how people would be getting ready for school. Not going on vacations!

Back on Subject.

I actually had an incident today that involved the overcrowded network.  Well, it wasn’t really my incident, I guess.  So today in 6th period, my teacher had the computer cart.  We were supposed to use the computers to check and make sure we had a ‘Glogster’ and ‘Edmodo’  account (Websites that we sometimes use for projects, information, questions or teachers, etc.)  so that we could check our assignments for E-Learning day.  Aside from the network problems, there is also an issue with making the computers work at all.  However, even if we did manage to get a computer, the websites were usually down.  According to my teacher, it was because of the 6th graders on their Nooks.  However, it was probably just a website problem, as the Edmodo site said that it was simply ‘unavailable’.  So technically, it isn’t all the 6th graders fault.

Bottom line, I guess you could just say that I don’t really agree with having these E-learning days.  I feel like some people aren’t going to be able to participate because some people might not have computers.  The school board did think of this, though, because they will give us a few weeks to finish the assignments as well as the ability to use the library computers.  I still don’t think that will accommodate everyone.  It might make things a little easier, but it makes things a little more complicated, too.  I hope they find a way to fix this.

Technology isn’t always s reliable as we make it out to be.


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