the crane


you know how the claw is something you really never see any body winning it. well one day that is going to change let me tell you by these stories, one day with my dad i was going to the mall so we pass the arcade i said to dad can we go in so dad said yes. so the first thing i saw was the crane i asked if we could do it so yes said dad then i went for a stuffed lion and moved it a little then it was my brothers tern. he tride it moved it a little then it was dads tern,he moved it all the way to the whole then i got the lion. ”next we will read one from long long ago.” i went to a place were they had the crane,my dad and i tride nothing went in the whole then a little boy went over and won something…… I went, cry wimper cry wimper. “Well i will do more stories in my next post.


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