Have you ever ridden a horse? If you have,I have.Once I was watching TV Full House when I saw horses on Full House.That started the lesson,for sure.When I told my mom she said”Let’s start a lesson”.The next day,after school,we went to my mom’s middle sister’s friends mom.Her daughter was a Horse expert,she had ribbons, trophies,and ridding clothes.Then after she showed me everything,we went to Heather Moore farm.I got to meet a horse named Patrick he was a nice horse.I had a little trouble starting,but later now I can Trot,steer the horse,take care of the horse,and walk,I could keep going forever,but…. watever back to the story.You should see me now!!!well read again later for a burst of’ll be horse in the morning because it is fun.see you soon!!


  1. Aunt Stacey / Oct 15th, 2007 18:05 Quote

    That is sooooo COOL ! I am so, so, so proud of you – I can’t wait to see you ride again and watch all of your new tricks!

  2. Susie / Jul 8th, 2011 21:33 Quote

    Always the best content from these prodigious wirtres.

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