my ant-[part of my family]


I have a wonderful ant.She is nice,cute,beutiful,and smart.My comploments to zee ant.And when my dad said to blog[this is dearing the auburn and alabama]my ant[aparently sugested]to write about how beuteful she is[I'm streaching the truth].now i am so there you are.


sassy the cat

p.s,see i can be unscratching!


  1. Aunt Stacey / Nov 26th, 2007 14:44 Quote

    I have a wonderful niece. She is nice, cute, beautiful, and smart. My compliments to zee niece!
    YOU ROCK !!! Thank you for being so incredibly sweet. I am soooo lucky to be the aunt of a very sassy cat :) !

    Love you!

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