My dog!


As I have told you,I got a dog a couple of months ago!!Now she can jump through a hoop and just got a new puppy cut.

Last night she was in my room. My parents forgot she was even in my room.So,hours before morning,I woke up to a yank.My puppy started to make LOUD barks I mean LOUD  barks I let her out I came out too .(tarafide).  my mom took her to bed and told me softly to go to my room and she would take care of it and she did.


  1. Your BFF, Indi / May 7th, 2009 9:34 Quote

    hey whats happnin’ without me at Southminster??
    i hope 2 c u soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LUV U!!
    Indi Bindi :)

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