E has alot of things after it.  Examples:  e-mail, e-pal, e-store/e-shop.  Here are the descriptions.

e-mail:  something on the web that you use to comunicate with friends.

e-pal:  is a pal you e-mail that can be far away or close by.

e-store/e-shop:  a shop on the internet specifically on Webkinz.  One of the reasons I am blogging is I am working up to get a webkinz off the e-store.  Yes, I do enjoy blogging.  But this time it’s for a reason.

Notice all of these have to do with the internet.  Mr. Internet, why did you choose e-_______?

From Sassy the Cat


  1. Gordon Mitchell / Apr 14th, 2009 6:46 Quote

    I do not know Mr Internet. But someone told me they ask him the same question.

    ” . . why did you choose e-_____” . Mr Internet replied “e-cause”.


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