the storm


I was sleeping in bed then herd a big , BOOM!! I grabed my flashlight and went to my mom’s and dad’s room, and got in bed then more lightaning strics hit then it happind a big litaning strike hit then BOOM!!!! I hid my hed in the pillow dad went down stars to get the amerginsee radio I fell asleep then woke up when dad came in I sloly got my flashlight and put my thumbon the trigger then dad got in bed so I new that dad was there and I put my head down on the pillow agin I herd dad snore for a moment I asked if the storm is still here dad seid wait for a moment soI did and a bit of thunder was still there but you can go backĀ  to my room I sloly got out of the bed then walked to get to bed so I did then a moment later I was asleep.


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