O-K I was outside wene then I herd a tornado alarm the night befor I slep thruo the storm oh! I will not this time I droped the ball I was playing with and ran as fast as I could to tell mom that I herd the tornado alarm I found her tiping on the compurter and talking on the phone I seid,” I herd the tornado alarm”! she seid,” torn on the TV and put it on chaneld FOX6 or ABC33 40 so I did they talked about it for a long time one is going near us seid mom a cuple of menets later dad came in dad wached the TV like he alwase had sooner yes it did it went right by us then all was still vary still mom then seid time for bed we went to bed then slep very well the rest of the night that was a cupple of days ago but now I need to read a book.


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