Anerican Idol


This happened a while ago, but we went to Disney World this past New Years! (We stayed in the Pollinisian! I think that is how you spell it…) Well, one day we went to the Hollywood Studios. When I came out from the bathroom, dad was rushing down the walk. “What’s going on?” I asked “I am going to try out for the American Idol Experience,” He replied. The lady said he could bring one person to try out. He chose me!! He got it! That night we came to the stage and got V.I.P seatings! He won that one! We got to leave, but we had to come back soon… While we walked back, my mom spotted these cool trophies. One said ‘Best Father’. I bought it. Next we came back and got the same V.I.P. seatings. He did not win that one, but he got third! It was fun though! :)



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