A civilazation to come A book by me inspired by a dream.


A Weird start

It started when I looked over a fence. I felt like I was here all my life. How come I could not remember anything before this? I looked and saw three hills. There was a forest all around the back of our square territory. On the far edge of the hills there was a forest. All of the sudden I saw two people coming through the left side of the forest and they were jumping down the hills. There was a spear-man with a settler. I yelled, “Warriors!” I looked behind me. Suddenly there was what looked like a swarm behind me.

I ran out of the way not wanting to be trampled. I watched from what was a castle. Now to think of it, it seemed to be off the ground and supported by stone poles.

As I watched I could see the swarm of warriors. I could not see the settler or the spear-man. When this was done I saw the warriors simply turn around and leave the spot.

I looked to my left from the pole where I was standing. I could see beds lined up along the wall. Who do these beds belong to? I walk over two the second to last bed. For some reason I knew it was my bed. I sat on it and looked again to my left. I could see someone sitting on their bed, too. The boy looked very familiar. Was this someone from somewhere else? I was confused with all of this. Why does my memory start with seeing the two other people? This was only a few minutes ago.

I looked to my right and saw a lot of beds over to that side. No one was on there bed at all over there. This was the beginning to a very unusual story…


  1. mom / May 28th, 2010 21:25 Quote

    I love your new look on your website! and I love your story! it’s going to be a great one I can already tell. I <3 u!!!

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