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The Commotion
Later on that day, I heard that the warriors were leaving to fight. They were taking all of the women with them too. For some reason they told me to stay with a swordsman and a warrior. I pondered the thought of what they would be doing. I walked to the last bed. There was a cluster of very familiar people. Who were they? Why did I feel as if I should know who they are? All these questions are swirling around in my mind. So much pressure… What do I do?…

When they left, I wandered inside to see what was happening. I found the two men. The warrior told me his name was Zaush. The swordsman told me his name was Tonge. Tonge was an old man with a thick beard. Zaush was a man who looked pretty young. I looked out one of the windows and I gasped in horror!

Two strong warriors were prying open the gate. Another question came. Why is there always two? I screamed, “Warriors! Warriors are prying our gate open!” I don’t know why, but they could not fight them. I wondered if it was because they could not get to their weapons, even though they were supposed to keep their weapons with them. I didn’t think this is what it was, but still…

The warriors broke in! Tonge ordered us to hide. His gentle nature vanished. I did as I was told. I hid in the ginormous dining room under the long table. The warriors ripped through the dining room door. Oh how I wished the other warriors were here! One of them said, “It can’t be! Are none of them here?”
As soon as they left, I ran to find a new hiding spot. I hid in a bathroom. Not the best place to hide but it had a lock. Then it hit me. They could take over our empire by seizing this territory! I ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs only to be horrified…


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