Another Chapter


An odd feeling
Lying there on the ground upon the rug was Tonge and Zaush! “NO!” I cried. Since they were the only people who were basically my only friends. I lunged at the swordsman who was holding a sword pointed right at Tonge’s throat. I hit him perfectly along the side. He dropped the sword. All of the sudden I felt a very weird feeling. I blacked out.

When I awoke, everyone was back. I asked Tonge if he remembered having the sword to his throat. “No, silly girl. That did not happen. How do you know my name?”

“Well, its.. Never mind,” I said and ran off.

Could it Be that it never happened? That my life started back again. I found myself wandering to the gate. I felt a pain coming from my right arm. There was a small pale scar. A sword scar! Yesterday when I lunged, the swordsman must have stabbed me with his sword then I blacked out. My life must have started over. Was it a dream? I gazed out at the hills. I saw a settler and a spear- man coming out of the left side of the forest. They were jumping down the hill and running toward us. “Warriors!” I shouted. This is just like yesterday. I moved out of the way and ran to one of the poles supporting the castle. I watched them. After that I did the same thing as yesterday. This time I convinced for them not to go to any other war and to stay here and guard the territory and such. Tonge came to me and said, “Why don’t we go to our other city’s market place? Go and ask your mother for permission.” For some reason, I knew where my mother was. “May I go to the other market place with Tonge?” I asked. My mom hesitated. Why? Was there something wrong with Tonge? “Alright… You may go.” She finally replied. A few minutes later, Tonge and I left.


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