Some Things said about a teen


Okay, so here is the scene; I am spending the night with my Nana (grandmother; mom’s mom) We go to the pool and walk in. We walk to the check-in table. Behind the counter, there is a boy teen who looks weird, and as soon as I saw him and heard his voice say ‘hello’ I knew he was a smart alec. So he says to my Nana that there is a password and a pass that you have to use. He keeps blabering on about “I cannot help you” and “I might lose my job.” “Here are some numbers you can call and ask about it.” My Nana turned to us and said, “Sorry guys, he won’t let us in.”
I didn’t care about his job. He was being a (excuse my language) JERK! There was other stuff they said, but I was talking to my brother. As soon as we got into the car, I said the word up there. My Nana actually agreed with me. My brother was soo sad he could not swim. I really wanted to say some things to that guy. He had long eyelashes. That’s all I could see because I didn’t even want to make eye contact with him. >:( Sorry about this mean post.


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