About the post below.

Well, I’ve been playing this civilization game, and well, last night I had this dream. Everyday I will put a new chapter. I tweaked it a little and will let you know when the dream ended. (I’m going to add on to my dream) Well, that’s it! BTW School’s out!!! :) )))))

A Weird start

It started when I looked over a fence. I felt like I was here all my life. How come I could not remember anything before this? I looked and saw three hills. There was a forest all around the back of our square territory. On the far edge of the hills there was a forest. All of the sudden I saw two people coming through the left side of the forest and they were jumping down the hills. There was a spear-man with a settler. I yelled, “Warriors!” I looked behind me. Suddenly there was what looked like a swarm behind me.

I ran out of the way not wanting to be trampled. I watched from what was a castle. Now to think of it, it seemed to be off the ground and supported by stone poles.

As I watched I could see the swarm of warriors. I could not see the settler or the spear-man. When this was done I saw the warriors simply turn around and leave the spot.

I looked to my left from the pole where I was standing. I could see beds lined up along the wall. Who do these beds belong to? I walk over two the second to last bed. For some reason I knew it was my bed. I sat on it and looked again to my left. I could see someone sitting on their bed, too. The boy looked very familiar. Was this someone from somewhere else? I was confused with all of this. Why does my memory start with seeing the two other people? This was only a few minutes ago.

I looked to my right and saw a lot of beds over to that side. No one was on there bed at all over there. This was the beginning to a very unusual story…

This happened a while ago, but we went to Disney World this past New Years! (We stayed in the Pollinisian! I think that is how you spell it…) Well, one day we went to the Hollywood Studios. When I came out from the bathroom, dad was rushing down the walk. “What’s going on?” I asked “I am going to try out for the American Idol Experience,” He replied. The lady said he could bring one person to try out. He chose me!! He got it! That night we came to the stage and got V.I.P seatings! He won that one! We got to leave, but we had to come back soon… While we walked back, my mom spotted these cool trophies. One said ‘Best Father’. I bought it. Next we came back and got the same V.I.P. seatings. He did not win that one, but he got third! It was fun though! :)


SNOW!!!! SNOW!!!! I want it to snow really bad!!!! :) ) If it does, I won’t have to go to school! Of course I still love school! I will also get to play in it! By the way: Merry Christmas! :) I hope you got everything you wanted!

Well… I saw this awesome thing in this magazine: a donkey. Yeah, so I circled it and told Santa I wanted it. Then, tonight I showed it to my parents and my dad showed me the height… Of coarse it showed me the height, and the time before Santa, they were big numbers. Then my dad showed me how small it actually was… :( It is kinda sad… I hope I still get it though…


Well, it is that time again: Christmas! I have put my Christmas tree up, and the big one in the living room! The one in the living room is like 6 feet tall! The one in my room is like 2 or 3 (or more!)! I have circled in my magazines and have been setting my Christmas mode to GO! I know it is like still November, but I have started decorating! I hope your Christmas is awesome! Well, write soon!

Sassy T. Cat

P.s: Sorry I have not written in so long! Very big things going on!

OK. Well I was at the Miley Cyrus concert tonight. Well, it was VERY loud, Very Hard to see, And the lights were PRETTY bad. When we stood up to see, the people behind us said, ‘Sit down!’ But if we stood up (by the way we were on the ground for the most part) we had a PERFECT view! But NO they Had to say that. By the end I could hardly hear (although the music was cool)! Also I loved it other than that! So Miley, if you are out there and seeing this blog, please do not be mad… Sorry, but it was my thoughts.


That is right I Sassy The Cat play chess. But not the “Chess Club” kind, but the “Play with your dad and lose” kind. Well, as said a second ago, I do lose at my dad. Even if I say, ‘Go easy on me’ he does hard.(most of the time) But once, a very awesome thing happened; I was playing on my mom’s IPhone (My mom has one she got) and….. I GOT TO GIVE THE COMPUTER A ‘CHECKMATE’!!!!!!!!!!!!! My stratagy was this: Get your pawns to the other side and turn them into queens! Well that is it.

Super Nanny is a scary sight because a lot of parents may think it is their kid is the cause of the chaos! But a lot of the time it is their OWN fault! Other times since cats hearing is sooo good, the kids cry and hurt me ears BAD! I am not trying to be mean, but it is kinda that way.

Today was the first day of garage selling, and BOY AM I POOPED!!!! Gee wiz: We told them it started at 8:00 but they started coming at 7:00! Come on people listen to the times!!! But we had 2 rush hours but time between. After that people started coming in small groups. Well tomorrow we will be doing more (hoping people will come at the right time!!!) Well, update you tomorrow!