Oh man……… My family is having a garage sale. And they are giving my favorite yarn ball away (I don’t really use it much though.). And to top it off I had to work today and my paws are killing me! UGH! I wish that it wasn’t so hard to put on the price, put in place, sell, and then… YOU ARE DONE! But NO they have to make it a tad harder (P.S. Some of this is not true, but I like to make people laugh). By the way check this out:

; ) winking

: ) smile

: p dude sticking his tongue out…

Well I guess that is it.

BYE!!! : D (smile face)

I have a friend that was good friends with me.  She is special because she showed me something very important;  The D.S(double screen) I love it now and she is the one who showed the D.S  and now shes left the state…

I might not be the “tough cat” when it comes to rights, but if I can play Zelda and do better than my dad…  Why can’t I have my own facebook page.  At one point I may not want it sooo much, but I know one thing rites are rites.

It may sound crazy but…  I started my own home post office I handed out stamps (really just stickers…  I  had nothing else)  And hung up a basket.  They would write a letter and take it to the basket.  Sooner or later I would go to the basket and get all the letters out.(I made a home adress adress book)Then I would take it to my office(or in other words a binder) and get out me stamp, stamp it and take out a pen and make curved lines and dots.  Next I would look at the adresses and take them to the correct room in the house.

I also put real mail(from the mailbox) and put them in the room.

You could try this, too.  This is what you need:

1. A basket

2. Some paper

3. Some stickers

4. A binder

5. A pen and pencil

6. A stamp

With all these things you can have a home post office.



p.s You can also sell magazines for like a quarter a month.


My bro is batty for bat man!!!!!

Now, I looked at the website, www.toysrus.com and there was a bunch o’ batman stuff!!!

Should he use his money on Bat Stuff?




E has alot of things after it.  Examples:  e-mail, e-pal, e-store/e-shop.  Here are the descriptions.

e-mail:  something on the web that you use to comunicate with friends.

e-pal:  is a pal you e-mail that can be far away or close by.

e-store/e-shop:  a shop on the internet specifically on Webkinz.  One of the reasons I am blogging is I am working up to get a webkinz off the e-store.  Yes, I do enjoy blogging.  But this time it’s for a reason.

Notice all of these have to do with the internet.  Mr. Internet, why did you choose e-_______?

From Sassy the Cat

Today I was cleaning out my recycling kit and here are the reasults:

Plastic Bottles:  63

Cans: 25

Plastic Things: 12



That’s it…

Well….. I  am in my ketchen right now,blogging.But, here is the real story:  I went to target last night and while I was there I bought three things: A “MyMeeba”, a creature making thing(not alien or bugs, cats and dogs), and a make your own fairy  tale book. Here is what it came with: Stickers, a book with blank pages, markers, special papers with special prints, and more. The “MyMeeba” is a creature in a tube that you nurture and eventully after all of its stages the tube will open and you have a plush toy. The creature making thing,well, to tell you the truth I have’nt opened it yet. So, sorry.

This next thing is something that has nothing to do with the title. I used to write newspapers for our house.Apparently  every day.Eventually I got tired of doing it, so I stopped. Now, I think I want to do it again. You could comment yes or no.Ya know, like the comment on the web site! I think I will but you could put in what you think I should. Well, thats it.

Hello!!Hope you are having a good Christmas.I’ll tell you what,yesterday my family and I put up our Christmas tree.And did we have allot of ornaments!!When we were through,the tree was covered in ornaments.We have millions of ornaments.Snowmen,balls,candy canes were some things we would put up….I love our Christmas tree.Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree how lovely are your branches.We wish you a merry Christmas.We wish you a merry Christmas!!We wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.We’re rocken around the the Christmas tree let the Christmas spiret ring mistltoe hung were you can see with a couple tries to stop!We’re rocken around the Christmas tree have a happy holiday later we’ll have some pumkin pie and we’ll do some carroling!(Witch is what i am doing rite now)

Merry Christmas

-Sassy the Cat

I am so so so so so so so so so so so sorry.Did i mension i am sorry???!!!???

But do I have a story to tell!!!!This happend a few weeks ago though.

I was in school and a girl sits next to me.We were taking a test.(The entire class).So the girl next to me started talking about the test!!!Another girl joined her.I was on the same queston they were talking about…….Then out of the blue,I found the answer,so i said,”I found it!!”.In a loud wispery voice.One of the girls made a small clap for me.(The teacher was out of the room the time we talked.)I cannot remember if i said anything else.I bet your getting bord,but this is the enteresting part.All of the sudden………The teacher came in the room.She asked for everyone who talked to walk up front.Of course,in a way i talked.We walked up.She ripped our paper!!!!!!Then she gave the class a talk about that thing that happend.I cried intil i got to my dad’s work.

(that is a true story)