As I have told you,I got a dog a couple of months ago!!Now she can jump through a hoop and just got a new puppy cut.

Last night she was in my room. My parents forgot she was even in my room.So,hours before morning,I woke up to a yank.My puppy started to make LOUD barks I mean LOUD  barks I let her out I came out too .(tarafide).  my mom took her to bed and told me softly to go to my room and she would take care of it and she did.

I just love to shop.Once when we were shopping for clothes,I understood what shop ’til you drop really meant.when we got home I was tired and I mean tired.One thing is is: if it is over 15 or 20 dollers it is hard to get. Well one thing is I luv to shop even if ya drop.

Summer is finally here!No more school! But,I’m going to a bible camp this week! I went there today! it is major F.U.N. fun! I think summer is great!Don’t you?!? well i just luv summer.

O-k what are ants (the bug) good for? my dad said that they help the nana told me they are good for the anteaters.Well…Ants are sabatoging  my favorit climbing  tree.

so in conclugin what are ants good for?

well i have just lost a tooth!!! my mom yanked  it out!!!

I went to a toy store and saw a pokemon ball with figurine! I only got 1,so i realy want    another so i wrote a letter to the Toothfairy tonight and made a picture for her! I hope i get one!!!oh and toothfairy if you read this please!!!

Yea!uh huh uh huh! its my birthday its my birthday!!!(it is not the kind of cake birthday)

I GOT MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats right i got my dog!! i got a mineture poodle named Molly!

i know i am a cat but,still i got a dog (i am sorry i did not write a blog sooner but do you know how hard cat school is? it is confusing)

oh-k.This is when i would feed it\him\her:every morning i would feed an give him water.(other times i would freely feed and water it)when he is bad i will:tell him no and spank him.what i will teach him:tricks of corse,how and when to go to the bathroom.what exersises it will do:walk,frisbee,squek toy.

oh yea one more blog!!!!!

Well,this is the scheduil:

1.wake up

2.pore dog food[and water]

4.look at board WOOPS I MEAN:get home with dog

6.go out\walk

7.pore more dog food(and water)

8.give masage to dog


and in the morning it will start all over again

Oh!um i don’t know what to say next.well Santa i want a dog so bad that i would stop school.I love dogs so much.



I know i’m suposed to hate dogs,but there is something about them that makes me want one.I want a corgi that is a dad and i at least.he says i have to blog for 5 days before he signes the contract.but well anything for a dog.well besides me i have 2 other parteners in crime.[cats]lucy in tyler.i don’t know if their with me on this.but i will take great care of the dog.