I have a wonderful ant.She is nice,cute,beutiful,and smart.My comploments to zee ant.And when my dad said to blog[this is dearing the auburn and alabama]my ant[aparently sugested]to write about how beuteful she is[I'm streaching the truth].now i am so there you are.


sassy the cat

p.s,see i can be unscratching!

One day I thought “I’ll buy a pot.” “But what should I do with the pot.”I thought.The next day my mom said”Here is your allowance.”But don’t make the poundnce of being in trouble.As soon as I herd this I went to buy the pot on the double!!!!!

P.S. I made up the word Poundence. It means hit,slap,or pat.

Have you girls had a baby doll?Well I have one by my side as I type. Her name is Hannah Erin. She is 1 year old With blond hair and blue eyes. Well I did no do much writing sorry.


that is it.By By!

Today I was at my school.After P.E we had lunch,my friend was eating lunch.I decided to join her.When I did,some boys were talking about Halloween.One boy said”I have never been trick-or-treat”.I said”why not?”.Another boy said”It reprosents the devil”.My friend argued and said”It does not!!!”.The boy said”Yes it does!!!.Well…I have to admit,I was going”La la la la la la!”wile covering my ears.They argued intil lunch was over.

Have you ever ridden a horse? If you have,I have.Once I was watching TV Full House when I saw horses on Full House.That started the lesson,for sure.When I told my mom she said”Let’s start a lesson”.The next day,after school,we went to my mom’s middle sister’s friends mom.Her daughter was a Horse expert,she had ribbons, trophies,and ridding clothes.Then after she showed me everything,we went to Heather Moore farm.I got to meet a horse named Patrick he was a nice horse.I had a little trouble starting,but later now I can Trot,steer the horse,take care of the horse,and walk,I could keep going forever,but…. watever back to the story.You should see me now!!!well read again later for a burst of fun.you’ll be horse in the morning because it is fun.see you soon!!

My friend did something vary nice to me and so……

F,is for friends who do stuff together

U,is for you and me

N,is for any-were at any time at all up here on the nice dry land!!!!

so friend if you read this thank-you for the 2 e-mails!!!!

you know how the claw is something you really never see any body winning it. well one day that is going to change let me tell you by these stories, one day with my dad i was going to the mall so we pass the arcade i said to dad can we go in so dad said yes. so the first thing i saw was the crane i asked if we could do it so yes said dad then i went for a stuffed lion and moved it a little then it was my brothers tern. he tride it moved it a little then it was dads tern,he moved it all the way to the whole then i got the lion. ”next we will read one from long long ago.” i went to a place were they had the crane,my dad and i tride nothing went in the whole then a little boy went over and won something…… I went, cry wimper cry wimper. “Well i will do more stories in my next post.

when i woke up today i grouchiey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so mad when cep losing on a game then my dingdong cat started to bite me it got worse, then my little brother started being meen to me

it got bad then my brother left it was all the way good

then my dad took me to get a computer game now i am here.

Girls like bright colors for instance : roses daisies and cards. also if a girl has a lots of one thing in their room get her that thing , thats a way to give a girl a gift . sometimes boys think they know a girl, but sometimes they don’t know there girls and there stuff. one things for sure you need to pay attention to your way you do with girls.

It was a normal day when I was going horse back riding but it was raning I found a umbrella and started to walk I thought I was walking on ground, BUT I WASN’T !!!!! so SPLASH!!!!!!!!! I was drenshted it was up to my thise.