I got 3 rewords and the first 1 is ALL A-S on my reaport card ,2 good siedasens aword , presadenchal phetanes aword.

Today I went to a party and I saw a crane and wanted to try but mom didn’t have mony . I looked agian at the beany baby and rememberd about my grandmom she has so much of beany babys she had the one I wanted then wene I went to her house I got the beany baby.

I was waiting for my friends, later that same night we could not sleep.So later that night about 12;00 I herd a noise I told one of my friends to see what was going on, she went and seid 2 guis were stoping in front of my house then went on a cuple of menets later the same 2 guis pasted and did the same thing just then 1 girl started to cry I seid whats wrong she wanted to go home later morning came then we had cenamen-roles but we had to wake up one of my friends! the end

My mom was calling for the cat when she herd a fant MEOW MEOW. then she picked me up from school and then told me about the cat. we got home and we looked around, we went in the basmet and we came out then herd anouther fant meow MEOW MEOW.the we herd AW AW AW!!!!!! from our neghbore then we saw a woodpecker then mom thout the cat chased it up a tree. a cupple of mennets latter the cat came out of the corner. she had a scratch on her and blood on her arm mom told me to go in the basment and check on her so i did and went inside.


dad came home and he looked on her the blood was gone he went to our neghbore and talked to them.

Sunday,I went to church and got picked up 5 menets late.

Munday,went to school and had a unecspected subbstatuet.

Tuesday,I went to the grosary stor mom left a card but at leest it was the 100 time this month.

Wendsday, after school I had to doo 5 sheets of homework.

Thersday,made a C on my preatest.

Frieday, I didn’t get to do a party.

Saterday,did not want to go to a mall thing.

I was in my room and I woke up to a big BOOM!!!!! then I looked at a clock and saw nothing I got up and flicked a swich nothing happend I opend the door but it was all black I sloly walked along the wall then I het a doornob,OUCH THAT HURT!!!! I thught boy next time I will shure will not do that again I grabbed the doornob and opend it slowly then I seid”, Total power loss.”HoOoO. seid mom she gave me the clock that took bateries we all got out of bed we played a whole lot then got a kittey toy and put it on the ground she started to play with it a coupple of minets latter the power came on then all was well.

O-K I was outside wene then I herd a tornado alarm the night befor I slep thruo the storm oh! I will not this time I droped the ball I was playing with and ran as fast as I could to tell mom that I herd the tornado alarm I found her tiping on the compurter and talking on the phone I seid,” I herd the tornado alarm”! she seid,” torn on the TV and put it on chaneld FOX6 or ABC33 40 so I did they talked about it for a long time one is going near us seid mom a cuple of menets later dad came in dad wached the TV like he alwase had sooner yes it did it went right by us then all was still vary still mom then seid time for bed we went to bed then slep very well the rest of the night that was a cupple of days ago but now I need to read a book.

MY DAD, my dad likes computirs and vidio games and has 1 brother.

MY MOM, my mom works not all day but at home she’s getting close to her gole.

MY BROTHER, he talks well and likes thundercats he waches it all the time.

SASSY THE CAT ME, I like catnip better than cat food thats normil I play with my ball of yarn 30 minets a day.

I was sleeping in bed then herd a big , BOOM!! I grabed my flashlight and went to my mom’s and dad’s room, and got in bed then more lightaning strics hit then it happind a big litaning strike hit then BOOM!!!! I hid my hed in the pillow dad went down stars to get the amerginsee radio I fell asleep then woke up when dad came in I sloly got my flashlight and put my thumbon the trigger then dad got in bed so I new that dad was there and I put my head down on the pillow agin I herd dad snore for a moment I asked if the storm is still here dad seid wait for a moment soI did and a bit of thunder was still there but you can go backĀ  to my room I sloly got out of the bed then walked to get to bed so I did then a moment later I was asleep.

Yes, its true ther I am in my room my bed the size of a desk , why am I saying this?anser:I HAVE NO IDIEA.got a new phone we do 4 of them it cost mony I forgot how much but now….THEY DON’T WORK, as I was saying,do you want to know my favoret show nick here the chaneld is on 31 might not with you I have 4 peaple in my famaly mom, dad,little brother,me.

thats all.